Friday, July 3, 2009


The Greenhouse Neutral Foundation declares July 5th to be

We are not independent of the actions of all other global citizens. The outcome of my actions affect you, as the outcome of your actions affect me. Every single man, woman, child, animal, etc has an affect. Everyone everywhere large and small has an effect on the planet, regardless of how large or how small. We are a collective whose daily activities impact others around the world. The emissions of climate changing hothouse gases whether released from activities in any country in the world, do not affect that country in isolation. We are as global citizens interdependent on world mitigation to avoid an uncertain future that may prove difficult if not impossible for those that will follow us in the decades to come.

EVERYONE, not just the developed nations, but every single person now needs to acknowledge and act as a united collective of nations recognising interdependence on a safe future. Nations have national agendas, but this is a time in the short history of man when these should be seen for what they are, and the interdependence to accept immediate global reductions in emissions to our shared atmosphere is the singular goal and outcome we must achieve.

It is not the responsibility of this country or that to take the lead, or choose to follow should others do so. Every country, nation, city, adult and child everywhere must take action! We are interdependent on all others, as the outcome of not acting boldly will not choose or select the nations to affect and leave others to carry on without consequence.

While nations act alone with nationalistic focus, independent agendas; the planet’s interdependence has, and always will, continue to be subject to the actions of others, cause and effect, action and reaction.

We talk as nations. Our citizens act as individuals. Our politicians act for their constituents. Our global leaders do not act for the world, but for the vested interests of their own nations. This must change immediately. Mankind will not survive with an irresponsible, every man for himself, attitude.

Our future is dependant upon us all; my future is dependent on you and your future is dependent on me; we are interdependent. Just as children are reliant upon their parents to teach them, we must teach our children and learn from them if there are to be any generations to come to have a safe future.

While our independence as individuals and as nations is a right to act as such, our individual and national emissions will continue to impact all impartially. Climate change has no national boundaries and neither should our agreement to act.

The Greenhouse Neutral Foundation calls upon those that can choose to be global statesmen to secure a safe future, to recognise our interdependence and act not with nationalistic focus but as global citizens.

In December in Copenhagen should you fail to agree with national agendas carried with you, you will have failed the interdependence of all to a safe future.

SEAL THE DEAL in Copenhagen

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