Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tonight's Press Conference - Tune in at 8pm ET

Tonight's Press Conference - Tune in at 8pm ET
Posted by Cammie Croft
We're hearing a lot of back and forth about health insurance reform. And it's hard to decipher myth from fact -- especially as Washington heats up with its usual political games and 'who's up', 'who's down' rhetoric.

So, tonight, President Obama is holding a primetime press conference to address the nation about health insurance reform. He will lay out where we are, where we're going, and why health insurance reform matters.

Check back later for advance excerpts of tonight's address. And at 8pm ET, tune in to watch the press conference live at and participate in the live chat on Facebook.

As the President has said, we are closer than ever before to accomplishing comprehensive health insurance reform. And now is not the time to slow down or lose sight of the finish line. Spread the word:

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