Thursday, July 23, 2009

The President's Press Conference - Full Video

The President's Press Conference - Full Video
Posted by Jesse Lee
In a primetime press conference focused on health insurance reform, the President explained what's in it for you and your family - watch the full video:

[UPDATE: Director DeParle is working hard to build consensus for reform and has been forced to postpone the chat once again due to intense and productive meetings on the Hill. We will be sure to schedule more opprtunities to hear and address your questions and concerns soon.]

Have health care questions of your own? The White House will be giving you opportunities to ask them and give your feedback over the coming days, starting today at 3:00pm ET with White House Health Reform Director Nancy-Ann DeParle. She will be taking your questions from and Facebook on how reform will affect insurance in America, including how we can cut costs and assure that every American has access to affordable, quality care regardless of pre-existing conditions.

This is an issue that impacts us all - so help keep your friends and family up to date:

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