Friday, October 16, 2009

Word from the White House: A Week of Momentum for Health Insurance Reform

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16TH, 2009 AT 11:48 AM
Word from the White House: A Week of Momentum for Health Insurance Reform
Posted by Jesse Lee
It's no secret that institutions of all stripes focus their communications on certain messages day to day. We thought it would all be a little more open and transparent if we went ahead and published what our focus will be for the day, along with any related articles, documents, or reports.

Supporting article: "Hagel urges passage of health reform," Lincoln Journal Star, 10/10/09

Talking Points: A Week of Momentum for Health Insurance Reform
•We are closer than ever before to fixing our broken health care system. And this week, reform continued to gain critical momentum.

•Over the weekend, Republican Former Senator Chuck Hagel and a group of four former surgeons general from Democratic and Republican administrations added their voices to the growing bipartisan chorus for support from around the country for enactment of health insurance reform this year.

•On Tuesday, we reached a critical milestone when the Senate Finance Committee became the fifth and final committee responsible for health care reform to pass a proposal.

•In both the House and the Senate, leaders are making progress toward ideas from various proposals into single bills that meet the Presidents goals of providing security and stability for Americans with insurance, affordable options for uninsured Americans, and lowering the cost of health care for our families, our businesses, and our government.

•Now it is time to dig in and work even harder to finally make reform a reality.

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