Monday, October 5, 2009

Spread the Word, Not the Flu

Spread the Word, Not the Flu
Posted by Erin Edgerton
Know someone without access to a computer? Share an office with lots of coworkers? Spend time at a library or community center? Or simply want to keep your friends and family members informed? Print this flu information and share it!

New materials on provide information on how you can stay healthy this flu season and help others do the same. With so much information online and in the news about H1N1 and seasonal flu, it’s easy to be confused. These new one-page information sheets are personalized for people with different needs and provide simple tips that everyone needs to know this flu season.

Now that the information is available, we need your help in making sure it gets to those you need it. The new information sheets are for:
· Parents and those who are expecting:
◦ Information for Parents and Caregivers of Young Children (PDF)
◦Information for Pregnant Women (PDF)
· The office:
◦ 10 Ways You Can Stay Healthy at Work (PDF)
· Health professionals:
◦ Information for Doctors and Other Health Care Providers (PDF)
· People with health conditions:
◦Information for People with Asthma (PDF)
◦Information for People with Diabetes or Who Have a Weakened Immune System (PDF)
· Everyone:
◦Emergency Warning Signs (PDF)
◦Information for Everyone (PDF)
◦Who’s at High Risk for Complications? (PDF)

Now it’s easy to share important flu information with others. Simply print one or more of these pages and give them to your friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, and local venues. Everyone needs to know what to do about the flu. You can spread the word and help keep your community healthy.

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