Monday, December 14, 2009

On the Ground in Copenhagen: Energy Secretary Chu

On the Ground in Copenhagen: Energy Secretary Chu
Posted by Jake Levine on December 14, 2009 at 05:55 PM EST
Ed. Note: See previous installments from Interior Secretary Salazar, EPA Administrator Jackson and Assistant Secretary of Energy Sandalow, and Secretary of Commerce Locke

Today, Secretary of Energy Chu took the podium at the U.S. Center in Copenhagen. He delivered his remarks to an overflow crowd and even took questions by satellite from feeds in Shanghai and Dublin. Secretary Chu’s presentation topic was "Leading in Energy Efficiency and Renewables," and he also announced the launch of a new initiative to promote clean energy technologies in developing countries under the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate (Click here for a Fact Sheet). The hard work on negotiations continued throughout the weekend, and as we enter the second week, the Bella Center is now officially packed.

Jake Levine is with the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change

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